Role of AIOTI WG03 in IoT Standardisation

Standardisation will play a key role in the consolidation of IoT landscape; since many of the benefits of IoT will occur on the basis of widespread adoption, the development of global standards is pivotal to ensuring economies of scale and impact.

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AIOTI established as a legally recognised Association

After several months of hard work, our Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation has passed a major milestone since its establishment. On 22 September 2016 we received the confirmation from the Belgian authorities that the King has approved the application of AIOTI to establish an Association under Belgian Law.

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AIOTI participates in Digital Assembly, Bratislava

AIOTI was represented at the Digital Assembly 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia during 28 and 29 September by several representatives of our Working Groups. In particular, our WG04 (Policies) co-chair was panelist member at Workshop 5: “Internet of Things and ePrivacy”... read more

AIOTI and Camera Brasileira de IoT

On invitation of the EC and Brazil, AIOTI was represented by Michela Magas, Co-Chair of WG2 Innovation Ecosystems, at the IoT workshop of the ICT Week in Brasilia on the 21st of September 2016. She was invited to a meeting with the Brazilian Secretary of State for... read more

Broadband connectivity for farming and rural areas

The AIOTI WG06 on “smart farming and food security” has recently issued a short report on “broadband requirements for farming and rural uses”. Feedback has been collected from different actors on examples and use cases of IoT/ICT associated to farming and the rural... read more

AIOTI presents at the IoT Conference in Athens

AIOTI WG03 vice-chair Georgios Karagiannis presented the current status of AIOTI and provided more details on the AIOTI WG3 (IoT standardization) activities during the IoT Conference 2016 in Athens,... read more

3rd AIOTI GA at Funkhaus Berlin

The 3rd AIOTI GA was held at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin on the 30th of May 2016, featuring a highly engaging discussion about the establishment of the AIOTI independent legal entity.

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Commisioner Oettinger acknowledges AIOTI influence

“The ‘Digitising European Industry’ strategy recognises the importance of developing a thriving IoT ecosystem in Europe to unleash the IoT potential in the EU and AIOTI can be instrumental in making it happen. During the last year the Alliance for IoT Innovation proved its capacity to contribute to the future development of IoT.”

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